Assign Permanent Public IP(Elastic IP) to EC2 Instance

— Login to the AWS console

— Under “AWS Management Console” –> “AWS Services” –> “Find Services” enter EC2 then click on search result “EC2: Virtual Servers in the Cloud”.

— Click on “Instances” section then select “Instances”

— Select the instance and Copy the “Instance ID” for which we need to assign the elastic ip.

— Click on “EC2 Dashboard” –> “NETWORK AND SECURITY” –> “Elastic IPs”.

— Click on “Allocate Elastic IP address”.

— Then just click over the “Allocate”. (We can proceed with the default selections.)

— Once you will click over the “Allocate”, you will have one “Elastic IP address allocated”. Now, Just click over the “Associate this Elastic IP address”.

— Enter your EC2 instance id under the “Instance” section which we were earlier copied.

Then just click over the “Private IP address” where you will be assigned one private IP, just select the private IP address.

Then click on “Associate”.

— Go to under “EC2 Dashboard” –> “INSTANCES” –> “Instances” and then select your EC2 instance, you will now notice that instance has been assigned the “Elastic IPs” and “Private IPs”.

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