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Convert On-demand Instance into Reserved Instance

If you need the EC2 instance usage for the long term and you will be going to utilize/run EC2 instance 24x7x365 then it is recommended, you can convert your normal on-demand EC2 instance into the reserved instance to reduce your hourly charges of an EC2 instance. Before explaining the steps ie how we can convert […]

Assign Permanent Public IP(Elastic IP) to EC2 Instance

— Login to the AWS console — Under “AWS Management Console” –> “AWS Services” –> “Find Services” enter EC2 then click on search result “EC2: Virtual Servers in the Cloud”. — Click on “Instances” section then select “Instances” — Select the instance and Copy the “Instance ID” for which we need to assign the elastic ip. — Click on “EC2 Dashboard” –> […]

Create Ubuntu EC2 Instance on AWS

— Login to the AWS console — Under “AWS Management Console” –> “AWS Services” –> “Find Services” enter EC2 then click on search result “EC2: Virtual Servers in the Cloud”. — Click on “Instances” section then select “Instances” — Click on “Launch Instance” — Under search box type “Ubuntu” and then press enter. Choose your […]

Some useful MongoDB commands

Connection Connect to node Check connection status Check connection count group by IP address WiredTiger Check WT cache status Check WT available ticket status Replication Check replication members and their status Check replication lags of nodes Check oplog size and log length in hours Check replication configuration Failover to secondary/another node Freeze slave node from […]