Convert On-demand Instance into Reserved Instance

If you need the EC2 instance usage for the long term and you will be going to utilize/run EC2 instance 24x7x365 then it is recommended, you can convert your normal on-demand EC2 instance into the reserved instance to reduce your hourly charges of an EC2 instance. Before explaining the steps ie how we can convert […]

Assign Permanent Public IP(Elastic IP) to EC2 Instance

— Login to the AWS console — Under “AWS Management Console” –> “AWS Services” –> “Find Services” enter EC2 then click on search result “EC2: Virtual Servers in the Cloud”. — Click on “Instances” section then select “Instances” — Select the instance and Copy the “Instance ID” for which we need to assign the elastic ip. — Click on “EC2 Dashboard” –> […]

Create Ubuntu EC2 Instance on AWS

— Login to the AWS console — Under “AWS Management Console” –> “AWS Services” –> “Find Services” enter EC2 then click on search result “EC2: Virtual Servers in the Cloud”. — Click on “Instances” section then select “Instances” — Click on “Launch Instance” — Under search box type “Ubuntu” and then press enter. Choose your […]